So Bio

As a self taught Transgender artist Born and Raised in the Central Valley of CA (Bakersfield-Clovis-Centerville-Fresno) I developed a penchant for creating as a means of dealing with being in the Central Valley. I now Live and work in San Francisco, where I feel as if I have been able to make what actually feels and looks like art to me. Prior to moving my work felt like reactionary/therapeutic manifestations that where disjointed.


My art at it’s core is about the development of a language through symbols, through research and lived experience I have created a cache of imagery that I rearrange to tell narratives both personal and fantasized. These pieces present themselves through a variety of mediums as each body of work requires new materials conceptually. I currently work with five different bodies of work spanning a variety of themes that in some way connect in a large web like structure that are all open ended.

559: Is my first  series of drawings that narrate the learning of shame around desire and the body as a “queer child” growing up the central valley of CA. These drawings are essentially coloring book pages I drew for myself to then fill in with patterns that aid in telling the narratives of the pieces.

Wrenwood: Is a series of works that are an exploration in grieving in the west through fetish objects, and is documentation of great upheaval and tension within my blood family at the time. This body of work mostly consists of upholstery fabric soft sculptures and waxed paper quilts.

Squatting to Pee: Is a research based project about web-like sticky stories of animal and human interaction. I draw a lot of my inspiration for this work from Scholar Donna Haraway, and through other science investigations on biodiversity. These works mostly consist of drawings done on mulberry that are treated with wax and large scale soft sculpture.

Church Camp: More than any of my previous bodies of work this series takes on mediums as the lead role in concept as apposed to narrative (though narratives are not easy for me to escape so there are some in here). In this series I am wanting to engage Low-craft mediums and techniques and transform them into artworks that make the medium unrecognizable. Using Puff Paint, Polymer Clay and Boondoggle weaving I will be creating a variety of portrait work and sculpture. this project is just starting so I have little show for it.

Trangels: The Trangels  came to me as I was healing an injury on my dominate drawing hand. I was sketching a lot with my left and these little beauties just grew out of my obsession with the creepiness of actual angels. They are a moment for play and pleasure. A better version of “Precious Moments”, you know the ones.  These works have developed into  drawing, soft sculpture, and coloring books.

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