My Plans for the next 2 years (for art)

So as of today I am going to be diving into my next body of work in a way that I really haven’t since my first 7 “559”drawings, and in order to due this I need to take a break from shows more specifically from shows that require I make new work. I have a lot of pieces swirling around in my mind for this series, both sculpture and drawingpaintings and just need to focus heavily on it. So basically my plan is to not get derailed.


Works in Progress

I am however interested in doing a trangel mural still so I would make an exception for that. 😉

SOOOOOOO See ya in 2018, haha.

But really lets hang out, do studio visits, Get some low-key art salons going! 2017 is gonna be….something severe, and instead of living all our lives through the digital lets get together more I want to seeeeee you!

❤ Craig

P.S. I had a bigger post planned, like how I will never make Trump art ’cause all news is good news for him (celebrities y’all celebrities) and how art driven by “Making it” and social capital gets a little vom in my throat. But I’m gonna keep it short so I can go make a sandwich and get busy. ❤ see you soon ❤