Updates//Binge Blogging

So a lot has happened since my last post which was just an invite to these three shows I did in June, well since then the shows have happened and a lot has happened.

So I sort of missed the bus on letting folks know that they can still see those shows since most of them are down, but the Chain Reaction 12 show is still up at the SFAC main gallery in the veterans building, SF.  Where you can gaze at my portrait of Nicki Green along side her art and Julz Hale Mary’s. It’s up till Oct 15th. soooooooooooo you might as well check it out and then go grab Saigon sandwich or something. (P.S. there are 21 artists in the show, so it’s not just the 3 of us, haha).


detail of “Nicki with Gherkins”

Also, Currently I have work up in ATA’s Window Gallery in the Mission on Valencia and 21st, Mission, SF. It’s the third installment of my piece ” Beast of Burden” titled “Revive Spell”, if you’ve seen the piece in her 14 foot something glory, this install is drastically different as the piece is now a skin. This will be up till the 30th of this month, and is pretty easy to visit, 24 hour access. TIP: the install is at it’s best at night ❤


Flyer with piece as skin


Beast of Burden, standing at ISO Queer Gods, Root Division June 2016
photo cred: Mido Lee Productions

In the near Future Several exciting things are on the way.

firstly Julz Hale Mary and I will be doing a two person show titled “(Central)Valley Girls” at Five Pins Project this October. We will be showing works about being from the Central Valley of CA so there will be a variety of works from different bodies of ours. I will be presenting some never shown in SF “559” drawings and Clothing items. Opening Reception Friday Oct. 7th 6-9pm


“Six Wings” from 559

I am also going to have some artwork featured in some publications this Fall. and will share more info as they are released.

Serrote is a Brazilian arts and literature magazine that will be featuring 7 pieces from “559” in there November issue.


An Essay by AJ Lewis called “Trans Animisms” that references my piece “This word will soon Be ours” a portrait of Angela Douglas and her Transexual E.T. friend Randy Towers will be released in Angelaki a Philosophy journal in the UK.

maybe a Xanga Moment?

In other arts news I am still in a deep healing process with my dominate drawing hand, it has really slowed me down, but it is getting better, I made this post after a hour of drawing and feel pretty good. Artists seriously take care of your physical health, lest we have Nancy Spero Hands when we get older, fossilized claws. If your arts practice is straining to the body, stretch, eat before you work, hydrate, supplements, everything. Sorry to get all PSA about it but i’m not to sure how often conversations about the physical aspects of are practice come up, but I think they are important.

tell next binge post,