An Update, it’s been a while you.

So I sort of fell off the WordPress wagon few months ago, so here goes a bigger update on a couple different things.

1. Was just in an Amazing show Curated by Chris Vargas at the ONE archives for MOTHA‘s 99 Trans objects project. IT was my first show in LA and totally amazing, there where so many people and I got to show off my Nipple Dress and show work with some Fabulous artists.


Artist Nicki Green and I in front of one of here amazing Ceramic pieces


Chris Vargas and I in front of my Drawing of Angela Douglas and Randy Towers.

2. I will be in a Group Show with Artist Dorian Wood at the end of the month at Last Projects, I will be showing all new work and am pretty stoked on it :).

3. OH SHIT I am the lucky recipient of the San Francisco Arts Commission’s IAC grant! for my Project Hard Parallels/Soft Parallels, I will begin diving deep into this Project come May and am super excited to get back into those drawings and sculptures.

4.I am in a Group Show at the Five Pins Project this June! more info to come!

4. I will be in residence this year towards the end of July at A Simple Collectives new location The Pacific Felt factory! i will be working on my largest soft sculpture to date “Beast of Burden”.

5. I will be Making a Chapbook soon! 🙂

6.I love you goodnight!