Visit to FCCs Printmaking Studio

So I recently took a short little trip to Fresno City Colleges Printmaking studio to finish up my first piece for Hard Parallels/Soft Parallels.

It was really nice to see my old printmaking teacher Nicholas Spohrer ( his works here) and snoop around what I could loosely call an old stomping ground. Also got to Chat with my fave drawing teacher Anne Scheid, so that was way cool.

And duh I went with my Sister Amber Fargano from Fatty Cakes, ’cause we met in that studio soooooo, it just makes sense.

now us looking way weird


But for real, I am super stoked to be done with this first piece, still only sharing a detail, you know how secretive I am. haha.

But I have decided on a title,

“Perceived Deception of the Masculine Accuser”