Textile Designs, Shame, and Disturbing “Comfort”

So I have finally taken my pattern designs and printed them on fabric.  This first series of prints will be dealing with the themes of Genophobia, Shame, Desire, and STD(I)’s and HIV/AIDS. I will be debuting my first two designs at ASC‘s Work/Live showcases this Saturday. The Anus Flower print was pulled from my drawing The Great Masturbator and the other is a pattern depicting sun bleached fingers with Pink Bubbles on the tips. For this showcase four other artists and myself will be recreating a living space with our wares and fine art works creating a space where the line on said items will be blurred. I will be creating objects that in most households make me uncomfortable, Throw pillows and Table linens. By placing these prints on these fussed over objects I am hoping to reverse my uncomforted state and to bring up conversations surrounding the fear of death and Sex.

Within this series of textiles I wish to create very limited edition objects that will be focusing on accessibility and art. I want to create special items that won’t drain the bank, haha. I am still unsure as to what I will be making, but expect updates on when I have new items and prints available. I am expecting to create about 7-10 patterns by the time this series is done.