What’s Next!?!?

Well First off I just want to Say thank you to everyone who came to the Opening and is still going in to see the show! It was truly amazing to be around so many kind people! And I am so Happy to be done with “559” and am ready for a little breather filled with reading, Sketches, and my all time favorite escapism some video games.

with all that said

I am switching to black and white images for a little while and am really interested in Drawing Sex and exploring non “conventional” bodies and working with Vignettes within Vignettes within Vignettes. I want to Draw parallels with internalized homophobia(amongst other internalization’s) and the seemingly unabashed way that homosexuality,trans identities and transexuality takes place in the Natural word.

So this is like a Sample sketch

I still have a lot to figure out, and a lot of research to do.

but this is the start of what I want to do next!

time to go buy some nasty Mags! hahaha